Romantic Weddings

Romantic WeddingsWhile all weddings are romantic due to the very nature of the celebration (the union of two people and a story of love) every wedding could use a bit of inspiration. Here are some romantic wedding ideas to help you pull off the wedding of your dreams--with everything from the letterpress wedding invitations to the celebratory reception after the ceremony. The most romantic wedding ideas come from the heart, and are as unique as the couple getting married.

Use Your Imagination

Throw out the conceptions of what people consider romantic. Think about what you consider romantic. These ideas should set the tone for the romantic touches throughout the entire wedding. Talk about it with your fiance, and the two of you will have a list of things you consider romantic in no time. Do your best to conceptualize what you consider as romance, as sometimes it can be difficult, and let it flow throughout the entire occasion.

Adding Romance to the Wedding Invitations

Consider using an elegant, beautiful, invitation such as a letterpress wedding invitation. Using letterpress invitations will add to the romance because they are handcrafted and artistic. Remember, the invitation sets the tone for the entire wedding, so choosing something like letterpress is a great way to set the stage for romance.

Choosing a Romantic Location for the Ceremony

Consider whether you want to have the wedding outside or indoors. If you choose an outdoor setting, some popular ideas include: the beach, sunset, a park, a vineyard, and even a waterfall. If you choose an indoor setting, consider an ornate church, the very first place you met, a local hotel, or banquet area.

Setting the Mood

Consider the music that will be played throughout the ceremony. Classical music will set a romantic tone, as will love songs with soft, sweet, lyrics. Romance will flow thorough the room with the music choices. Consider low lighting, and playing music softly before the ceremony actually begins, while guests are seating themselves.

Building Romance with the Decor

Consider using candlelight throughout the venue to set the romantic mood. Think about your table clothes and centerpieces at the reception. Think about the seating through the ceremony. There are plenty of ways you can add elegance, which is often synonymous with romance throughout the overall decor.

Choosing the Romantic Floral Arrangements

Most women will have a favorite flower they consider to be romantic, and this will be the flower they want to use for the arrangements. Some popular flower choices include: roses, calla lilies, gardenias, peonies, and water lilies. As many of these flowers can be found in more than one color, finding a floral scheme that will match your overall wedding color scheme is a cinch.

The most important thing to remember as the couple is the fact that this is truly 'your day.' It's your romance. It's whatever you want it to be. Don't let the ideas, suggestions, or feelings of others stop you from enjoying the romance in the way that is right for you.